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Snorkel 30A makes it easy for you to explore South Walton’s new artificial snorkel reef network. Just put on your swimsuit, grab your beach towel, and let us do the rest. We provide all of the equipment, a ride out to the reef site, and a friendly knowledgeable guide to get you oriented and help you explore the reef!

Discover South Walton’s newest and best adventure.


The South Walton Artificial Reef Association has deployed more than 150 artificial reef structures that lie close to shore and at easy-to-reach snorkel depths. Each of the four reef systems has been constructed to create a fun design of a marine animal native to South Walton waters: Dolphin Snorkel Reef at Miramar Beach, Seahorse Snorkel Reef at Topsail Hill Preserve State Park, Turtle Snorkel Reef at Grayton Beach State Park, and Cobia Snorkel Reef at Inlet Beach.

Seahorse Snorkel Reef at Topsail Hill State Park

South Walton Artificial Reef Association

The South Walton Artificial Reef Association is a grass-roots, non-profit organization dedicated to the construction, deployment, and monitoring of permitted artificial reefs in Walton County’s Gulf of Mexico coastal waters for the benefit and health of the environment and community. Studies by University of Florida and Florida Sea Grant clearly document the benefits of artificial reefs. Artificial reefs create fish and oyster habitat. In an area where the Gulf bed is 95% barren sand flats, the reefs will also create near shore, family-oriented, recreational kayaking and paddleboarding, skin-diving and snorkeling adventures, and undersea photo safaris. The reefs promote awareness and understanding for people who may not otherwise have the opportunity to see some of the amazing marine creatures that live and thrive around reefs in the Gulf of Mexico.


Our 30A South Walton snorkel tours are conducted three times each day, at three of South Walton’s snorkel reefs. Just click the Book Now button for the reef site you’d like to explore, then select your date and number of guests. It’s that easy!


$65Per Person
  • Grayton Beach State Park
  • 90 minutes
  • 4 person minimum
  • 10-12 person maximum*
  • Snorkel gear provided


$65Per Person
  • Inlet Beach
  • 90 minutes
  • 4 person minimum
  • 10-12 person maximum*
  • Snorkel gear provided



Experienced divers and novices alike can have a great time on one of our fun 30A South Walton snorkel tours and no experience needed. Visitors who have never been snorkeling or are unfamiliar with our area may have some questions and our FAQ has everything you need to know for your underwater adventure!

What will we do on our tour?2018-04-08T05:17:48+06:00

When you arrive we’ll start by doing 50 pushups (LOL/JK!)

Your snorkel guide(s) will be there to greet you, provide you with a safety briefing, and get you settled into your gear. Then you’ll all head down to the beach together and meet at the big “Reef Sign” where your guide will conduct a brief orientation of the site, current conditions, and answer any questions you might have.

When everyone’s ready, we’ll head to the raft, secure all of our gear, and wade into the water. Once the raft is floating freely, usually somewhere between knee and thigh deep, everyone will climb aboard and get comfortable. Your guide will then tow you directly from the beach access to the Snorkel Reef and anchor the raft. At this point, we’ll put our dive flag up and let any nearby boaters know we’re entering the water. Now you’ll gear up and as soon as you’re ready: SPLASH!

Your guide can help you adjust gear, add more de-fog, and help with anything else you may need. Once you’re nice and comfortable in the water, you’re free to snorkel and swim wherever you’d like! Your guide is there for you and will move at your pace. They’ll lead you wherever you’d like to go on the reef, teaching you about different aspects of reef ecology and marine life along the way. We’ll snorkel anywhere between an hour to an hour and a half before loading up on the raft and heading back to shore. Sometimes we like to make a quick stop at the second sand bar for one last dip in the water! Once we’re back on shore, you’re totally free! You’ll leave all your gear on the raft, so all you have to do is grab your belongings and head to those freshwater showers for a rinse-off.

What will we see on our tour?2018-04-08T05:17:48+06:00

Each Snorkel Reef site is by a wide range interesting marine life and you have many options available. You can dive down and find small, colorful reef fish on the structure or swim between the towers and get surrounded by large schools of small baitfish. It’s not uncommon to see Bottlenose dolphins, sea turtles, and Eagle rays in the vicinity of the reefs. Venture out deeper and you’ll notice subtle differences in the fish and other creatures you’re seeing. Swim out over the sand to get a wider view of the bait swarms. There’s no limit to what you might discover during your tour!

Tell me about your tour guides.2018-04-08T05:17:48+06:00

Each of our friendly tour guides are intensely passionate about South Walton’s reefs and have a thorough knowledge of marine ecology and diving. They can answer all of your questions about the reefs, snorkeling, and SCUBA diving.

Our guides are:

  • Physically fit, certified SCUBA divers or SCUBA diving instructors.
  • 21-years of age or older.
  • First Aid and CPR certified.
  • Water Rescue certified (basic certification or higher.)
What gear is provided?2018-04-08T05:17:48+06:00

We provide face masks, snorkels, fins, and an inflatable snorkel vest for each member of your tour group. We have a range of sizes to fit children and adults. We carry De-Fog for your mask, extra sunscreen, and drinking water onboard, as well as jellyfish sting neutralizer, and a small drybag to protect mobile phones and other valuables.

What should I bring with me?2018-04-08T05:18:26+06:00

We recommend that all guests bring a comfortable swimsuit, sunglasses, beach towel, waterproof sunscreen, and a small waterproof camera (disposable, GoPro, etc.)

Are restrooms and changing rooms available?2018-04-08T05:20:35+06:00

Yes. A public restroom and changing room is available at each of our tour locations. Each location is equipped with freshwater showers.

Is there an age requirement?2018-04-08T05:17:48+06:00

Yes. All tour guests must be at least eight years old.

How good of a swimmer do I need to be?2018-04-08T05:17:48+06:00

To get the most enjoyment from your tour, you should be a reasonably good swimmer who is comfortable in open water and who is free from any breathing issues.

How safe is it?2018-04-08T05:17:48+06:00

We share the marine environment with a wide-range of animal life. Jellyfish are sometimes present and some species of jellyfish can cause a painful sting. Barnacles are present on the reef towers and if accidentally kicked, their sharp edges can cause cuts. We encourage all of our guests to exercise caution while snorkeling. We carry a neutralizing solution on board to treat jellyfish stings and a first aid kit to quickly treat minor injuries, should either occur.

Can we keep things we find on the reef, like seashells?2018-04-08T05:17:48+06:00

As dedicated stewards of our marine environment, we adhere to the maxim “Take Nothing But Pictures, Leave Nothing But Bubbles.” We do not allow our guests to take or harvest any living organisms from the Snorkel Reefs. We strongly discourage interfering with any marine life and, if necessary, your tour guide(s) will intervene.

What if the weather is bad on my tour date?2018-04-08T05:17:48+06:00

Like all coastal communities, South Walton experiences marine weather conditions that can change on a quickly; improving or deteriorating and  forcing us to make a last-minute call. We will do our best to notify you of inclement weather at the soonest opportunity and, if necessary, work with you to reschedule your tour for another time or date. Our guest’s safety is our first priority and your tour guide has the final say.

What is your cancellation policy?2018-04-08T05:17:48+06:00

Almost all snorkel tour cancellations are weather-related. If your Snorkel Tour is cancelled due to weather, we will work with you to reschedule for a different time slot, date, and/or reef site. If we are unable to reschedule your tour, we will issue a refund. Please call (850) 000-0000 to request a refund.

If you did not book directly through snorkel-30a.com, please contact the agency you booked your tour to request a refund.

We do not issue refunds due to:

  • Poor underwater visibility
  • Seasickness
  • Jellyfish stings or other injuries caused by marine life
  • No shows
  • Late arrivals

Book now for your first choice of dates.

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